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Concert Review Weezer goes Old School
Author: Jeaux, 7/31/2018 Attendees: Jeaux, Michelle, Myles, Marleigh & Allie Venue: Fiddlers Green, Denver
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When the curtain dropped on Rivers and his buddies, it felt like we had taken a time machine back to their high school cafeteria to see them perform fan favs Buddy Holly, Pork and Beans and Undone - the Sweater Song that put this group of misfits on the map. But Weezer was just getting started peeling back the onion, opening their next stage set in the garage, to perform one of my favorite songs off of their self-titled debut album marvelling about 12 sided die and posters on the wall of their favorite rock band Kiss. Feeling safe in the garage might've been hard back in the day, but this crowd of devoted fans spat back every lyric back to the band that gave a voice to nerds and geeks around the world.

The band got even more intimate with the crowd when lead singer, Rivers Cuomo, hopped off stage and boarded a home crafted sailboat set for midway in the crowd to perform Island in the Sun and Take on Me from Aha. The evening was filled with covers including Toto's Africa, Sweet Child of Mine, Black Sabbath Paranoid and a mesh up of Happy Together by the Turtles with verses from Green Day's Longview.

When the evening sadly came to an end with the encore that featured my wife's favorite song, Say It Ain't So, it truly felt like we had listened to a specially crafted mix tape chosen by the band itself. While we wish we could have been treated to Troublemaker at our show over The Good Life, we were very pleased with the night of fun and intimacy shared with us from the guys from Weezer. Was glad Marleigh and Allie convinced us to take them to the show to witness such a great show by one of their parents' favorite bands.

Pixies opened the show with a long set with both hits and other lesser known tunes. They were good but Frank was a little off and overall the performance felt a little stale and feeling the absence of Kim Deal. Michelle and I were both impressed with the lead singer from Sleigh Bell who got the crowd warmed up with her energy.
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