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Concert Review Garth Blames It All on his Roots
Author: Jeaux, 7/14/2017 Attendees: Jeaux & Michelle Venue: Cheasapeake Areana, OKC
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I was standing in line going into the dining hall my Freshman year of college when a group of guys talked about taking a trip to Stillwater to see a fairly unknown Country musician named Garth Brooks. I had no interest at the time, and like missing out on a great stock, I regretted that decision over the next several years as Garth became one of the biggest stars in the world.

28 years later, Michelle and I sat at dinner a few blocks from Chespeake Arena, and decided it would be worth at least going down to see if we could scalp a ticket to one of his two shows that night. We put our money together and were able to find a ticket that put us in a box seat to watch Garth, along with his wife Trisha, make his way through most of his biggest hits, playing for his hometown crowd for the first time in 14 years. His show was very energetic with surprisingly many of the original band members. Michelle and I sang along, as did most of the crowd, to many of his biggest hits. My favorites were his ballad, The Dance, and Much Too Young, while Michelle enjoyed Unanswered Prayers and Friends in Low Places, a true crowd favorite. We were very glad to have marked Garth off of our bucket list and turned a nice evening into a friend spontaneous adventure.
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