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Concert Review Green Day, Suburban Punk
Author: Jeaux, 3/17/2017 Attendees: Jeaux, Michelle, Tim & Christy Venue: BOK Arena, Tulsa
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Michelle loves Green Day, probably her favorite punk rock bands and top 2 or 3 bands overall. I liked their first couple albums, but they really lost me when they released the power ballad, "Good Riddance (Time of your Life)" - a definite no no for a self-proclaimed punk band - and I never really got over it. So when they came on the American Idiot tour several years ago, I let my buddy Tim Watson take her to the show, so I didn't have to go. She praises the concert as the best show she ever went to, and so when they toured again, I promised I would give them a chance.

The Revolution Radio tour made it as close as the BOK Arena in Tulsa, OK - within driving distance for both us and Billie Joe's mom, who grew up 20 minutes away in Speery. They had a very animated show with lots of pyrotechnics and crowd participation, although the latter got a little exhausting after multiple attempts. They played many of their biggest hits mixing classics like "Longview", "Basket Case" and "When I Come Around" with new songs like "Bang Bang". They also treated the crowd to a tribute to the oldies including "Shout", "Satisfaction" and "Hey Jude", before closing out with two encores - the first which included the title song from "American Idiot" and the epic "Jesus of Suburbia". They could've ended there, but we stayed to the very end and I had to endure all of the suburbanites crooning "I hope you had the time of your life".
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