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Concert Review Florence + the Machine
Author: Jeaux, 9/29/2018 Attendees: Jeaux, Tim, Rick Venue: Toyota Music Factory, Dallas
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Ever since the first time I caught a glimpse of a Florence + the Machine show on cable, I have wanted to see them perform live. That opportunity came to texas in September, and I grabbed my concert buddies Tim and Rick and headed to Los Calinas to experience my first show at the Toyota Music Factory.

Florence floated across the stage with every song in her off-white long sleeved floor-length dress singing each verse passionately and with perfect clarity. This was fascinating to me since she continued to do so while spinning about, and running from one part of the stage to the next. In contrast, she asked the audience at one point to put their phones away and dance along with her and it took me about 3 songs to recover from about 90 seconds of dancing.

She sang many of my favorites, "Ship to Wreck", "Dog Days are Over", "Shake It Off", while introducing me to a few I hadn't heard before like "Patricia" which she claimed was not "near as angry as it used to be". Without any makeup worn, her age showed somewhat on stage, but that did not disuade her atheticism on the stage and coming into the crowd and singing a song or two while being supported by the crowd. I absolutely loved the show and will definitely find a way to take my daugther to this show at some point.
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