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Winter Park with buddies
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Super FebruaryWelcome to the February issue of!   Had a great opportunity to spend the last part of January skiing, snowmobiling and visiting with Geoff, Timmy G, Big Kyle, Chito, Katelynn, Myles and the Becker crew in the Winter Park/Denver area.  We had a great time despite frigid temps and flu and stomach bugs.  Threw some photos up in the Photo Gallery from our trip.  

This month looks to be a little less hectic highlighted by the Warriors/Thunder game, Superbowl festivities and a few dinners with friends and family.  Marleigh is continuing to try to qualify for Santa Fe's golf team and her Solo/Ensemble Choir concert.  She is continuing to do tumbling and is still taking piano lessons and teaching herself to play Ukulele.  She has a regular gig babysitting now for some families at church a couple times a month, which she really enjoys the time with the kids.  

NOS All Sports is the only contest still active on the website, continuing through the NBA, College Hoops and NBA seasons.  We look forward to March Madness next month as well.

Hope you guys enjoy time with the ones you love this month!
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