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Merry Christmas
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Toy Share and HL 50th Anniversary partyMerry Christmas to you all and hope that you are having a lovely holiday season!   We enjoyed Thanksgiving getting together with Michelle's grandmother's extended Atyia family.   Marleigh took a trip to Chicago the week of with Caylen, Hannah Kay and Chandler after going to the Bedlam game with Michelle, Beckah and me.  We were also able to serve a Thanksgiving meal to the homeless community with the Feed His Sheep ministries.  

This month we look forward to New Hope's Toy Share, Hobby Lobby's 50th anniversary corporate party, Stained Glass at Prarie Arts Studio, a trip to Wichita to see Grace Watson perform and visit Allen House, Rainbow Kitten Surprise concert, and a Thunder game for my birthday!  Marleigh is taking a skip trip with her college group to New Mexico after finals.  We plan to have Christmases with Beckah, with Michelle's family and then back to Ohio with my family.  Upon our return, we hope to take a trip to Palo Duro canyon for the New Year's!

Congrats to Craig "duhast" Davis who won the Big 12 Battle this year!  Check out the Final Standings for that and sign up for the Bold Bowl Predictions before December 16th on the Contests page!

Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year!
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