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Holiday Fun
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Marleigh with her cousins Brooks, Jack and HudsonWelcome to the December issue of!  Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and are enjoying the Holiday season.  We got to spend time with Michelle's family and Marleigh got to hang out a little with her cousins Brooks, Jack and Hudson (shown here).  I was also honored last month to officiate the wedding of Cody and Miranda White, two lovebirds that I got to know at church.  We also took a trip to Dallas as a family to see Adele perform and she was really amazing.  I went in as a casual fan, but left as someone who really appreciated the talent that she has and her sense of humor.

Started the month playing Top Golf with the DBA group which was both bitter and sweet as I will be transitioning away from a group that I built from the ground up to working in the Store Apps group at Hobby Lobby as a team lead for the Retails development group.  It was a difficult decision with a lot of prayer involved, but one that I hope will allow me to serve both my family and Hobby Lobby better.  Posted a picture of the group at Top Golf and the DBA-tion Nation Mt. Rushmore sculpture they 3D printed for me.  Also posted a photo of my new grill that I will be wearing on my teeth for the next 6 months or so.

Highlights this month include the Winter Retreat at Camp Rock Creek with the youth group for Marleigh,  Christmas parties for the college group and at work, New Hope's Toy Share, Prague's holiday bazaar where Marleigh and Beckah will be selling Bible Art and crafts, Marleigh's holiday piano recital on the 18th, Rogue One, several Thunder games and a visit home to see my folks.

On the Contests page, make sure you sign up for the Bold Bowl Predictions before the 16th.  Congratulations to Bryson "Bryson-tisuaurus" Panas who won the 2016 Big 12 Battle.  Check out final standings for the Big 12 Battle and current standings for the College Fantasy Football and the NOS All Sports trophy.

Hope you have a great Christmas and enjoy your holidays!
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